Nitro Circus: The long awaited release from Yggdrasil. First Impressions

November 15, as promised, the Nitro Circus slot machine appeared at the Yggdrasil casino. Now it is already possible to draw more accurate conclusions about this long-awaited novelty. What some players will like is the low variance. Indeed, payouts drop out very often.

Would I recommend this slot? Definitely yes. Feels like a good slot machine. It has its own distinct personality, but it's still a traditional slot, just the way we're used to seeing them. So far, the impression of another mega novelty is fresh - Max Quest from BetSoft. This is truly a breakthrough.

But Nitro Circus is a very worthy slot - spectacular, fun, and simply superbly executed. To reveal all its possibilities, it is not enough to spin the reels a dozen times. The most profitable features will be unlocked over time. You need to collect toys, chairs, mini cars and bathtubs, so that later you can drive them around the track, fly up ramps and do tricks.

According to the developer, the dispersion of the Nitro Circus slot machine is 33-37. In comparison, the top 5 lowest variance Yggdrasil slots offer variance in the region of 18-26. And the highest variance is 400. So, the slot is clearly set up for frequent wins.

Interestingly, the developer left the player to choose what to drive during the bonus game. It is from that choice that the player will depend on what the variance will be. After all, if you noticed, Yggdrasil indicated not the exact number, but the range. Review and demo game Nitro Circus are available here.